Refreshing Your Bathroom

Bathroom Decorations

Bathroom decorations are a great way to update or revitalize a bathroom which is a bit out of date or boring, without having to completely redecorate or remodel. You might want to get new bathroom decorations as a one-time thing, or keep several sets of decorations and rotate them with the seasons or as you get tired of the current look. So, what kind of bathroom decorations can you use to perk up the room?

Fabric Items

There are the obvious fabric pieces like towels, shower curtains, window curtains, and the bathmat or rug, but you might also consider a curtain below a pedestal sink, lampshade covers, toilet seat and tank covers, a valance above a bath or shower alcove, wastebasket cover or liner, or curtains in glass-door cabinets. Using all of these at once, especially in a small bathroom, would be overkill, so pick and choose what works best for you.

Sink, Shower and Tub Accessories

These include things like soap dispensers and soap dishes, tissue box holders, toothbrush holders, and wastebaskets. You could change out all of these items at once for another matched set, or you could keep some of them in a solid color and just change out the others. Shower curtain rings come under this heading, too, and are an easy and cheap update.

Fixture Parts

Faucet handles can often be changed out or can have decorative panels or parts which can be changed. Light fixtures might have standard size holders which will take different shades or, different colors of the same shape shade. Even changing bulbs can make a surprising amount of difference. Covers for shower curtain rods are an easy change which makes an older rod look much classier.

Semi-Permanent Bathroom Decorations

Some decorations are a little more work to install or remove, but are not as permanent as repainting. For example, wallpaper borders come in removable types, and can be used at the ceiling, picture rail or chair rail height, or to frame a tub alcove. Self-stick tile stickers or transfers can be added to your plain tiles for a whole new look and removed when you tire of them. Painting tiles with ceramic paints, but not firing them in the oven, also results in a semi-permanent finish which can be scrubbed off with some effort.

Ornaments, Pictures, and Knick-Knacks

Finally, there is a huge range of decorative items which could be used anywhere in the house, but which can be used in the bathroom as long as they won’t be damaged by moisture. Posters and postcards, framed or not; china or glass ornaments; wicker and rattan (which do better anyway in an atmosphere which is not too dry); even a collection of rubber duckies, all look great and make a complete change in the atmosphere and feel of a room.

Damage Caused By Mold and Mildew

Silent Destruction

Damage caused by molds may not be immediately evident until such time it has become widely spread. Then mold can become a health hazard as well as a disintegration agent. Molds that grow in an open environment look organic and appear greenish to brown. However, it can also develop inside the home premises without the owner’s knowledge, especially if the condition is ideal – moist and warm.


Molds are a toxic genus of fungus that could become poisonous and therefore a health hazard. On top of being a health hazard, it also grows and feeds on any organic material that it touches. The end result, the material host decays to sustain the growth of the molds. This usually happens on perpetually moist walls or posts, under the carpet, trees, and leaves. If left to breed for a long time, this will lead to the weakening and eventual destruction of wherever it proliferates on.

Small Water Leaks

Mold damage sets in for a lot of reasons. Many times, they can be avoided, sometimes not. Unknown to the homeowner, there could be a tiny pipe leak hidden and unseen at the back of the walls or floorboards. Leaks in the roof can cause water damage and allow molds to develop on the ceiling as well as the walls.  Excess water caused by fire cleanups can also induce mold growth in places that are not often visited or cleaned.

Mold Spores

Mold spores can travel to other places through the air. So when it lands on organic material and is allowed to stay there, it will start developing and damaging your home or furniture. When inhaled by the unsuspecting home occupants and pets, it could result in a host of illnesses such as respiratory, intestinal and neurological.

Damage Can Be serious

Unchecked mold growth can only lead to the decay of your property. In a less severe scenario, it can cause discoloration or staining. This has been the case for thousands of antique items that were meant to be preserved but were found eaten away by mold growth because they have been left unchecked and unmaintained for a long time.

Incomplete Fire and Water Damage Cleanup

After a fire or flood disaster, taking out the smoke odor and cleaning off the soot on the walls, floors and other fixtures is not sufficient.  A professional restoration company can do a complete cleanup not only those that are seen by the naked eyes but as well those that can be developing in the hidden recesses of your home.

Some Of Metal Roofing’s Advantages

Light Weight, Strong, Metal Roofing Houston

Metal Roofing does not absorb moisture and therefore have excellent compatibility with snow and ice.  The super strong, stone-coated steel panels have been tested at more than 224 lbs per sq before panel deformation occurs.  Freeze/thaw cycles do not cause the panels to raise because of their interlocking design and in-shear fastening system.

Strength And Safety In Earthquake-Prone Areas!

Modern Ranch HouseMetal Roofing’s interlocking design adds structural strength to the roof.  Many other listed roofing materials cannot offer this.  Instead, they rely upon the underlying deck for structural integrity.  Additionally, metal roofing ultra lightweight provides safety by reducing the threat of roof collapse.  In its survey of roofs after the Northridge, California earthquake (January 17th, 1994), the McMullen Company found only minor damage to about 1% of the homes protected by stone-coated steel roofs.  In contrast, more than 50% of the concrete and clay roofs observed had significant damage.

Excellent Weathering and Warranty!

Many products rely on felt underlayments to maintain a sound waterproof membrane.  Unfortunately, these underlayments become brittle and can fail, causing a leak.  Over time, all traditional roofing products will split, break, crack, curl, warp or absorb water.  But not our roofing!  With a heart of steel, metal roofing tile & shake will deliver consistent all-weather performance for the life of the original homeowner…they are guaranteed with a limited lifetime weatherproof warranty.


Steel is 100% recyclable. There is little waste, and it can be recycled an infinite number of times without degradation. Most often your Houston metal roofing contractor can install your new metal roof directly over an existing wood or composition roof which eliminates tearing off of the old roof and burdening over capacity landfills.

Increases The Resale Value Of Your Home!

Stone-Coated Metal Roofing is investment class roofing that will save you money in the long run.  You can expect to save 10 to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance.  Real estate professionals recognize Metal Roofing as premium roofing that adds value to houses listed for sale.  The appearance, long life, fire resistance and transferable warranty are of significant importance to the prospective homeowner. No matter what part of the country you live in, a Metal Roof can give your home or business a highly durable, lightweight, attractive roof that can increase the resale value and save frequent repair or replacement costs!


Water Damage in the Austin TX Area

Water Damage in Austin

It is amazing to note that water can be so constructive to life and destructive at the same time. Austin area residents, in particular, are quite aware of the level of destruction caused by the sometimes violent spring and fall storms. However, water not only causes extensive damage when it seeps inside your home due to floods but also when you have plumbing issues. Water damage in households has increased in the past few years, but you can minimize your losses by calling in your Austin water damage restoration experts immediately.

The Process

Calling a water damage Austin restoration service is the most cost effective way of overcoming this problem. The experts will first assess the level of damage your house has suffered due to water and accordingly set up a plan for cleanup and restoration. Apart from a thorough visual inspection, the service will also use various sophisticated equipment to assess the moisture content in walls and floors that are not visible. This moisture, which is otherwise hard to detect, will eventually cause mold formation that can wreak havoc in your home.

Water Damage

Water Extraction

After a thorough assessment, water damage service will implement the procedure for water extraction. For this, a range of systems is used to extract water from different types of surfaces in your house. This equipment will remove water from wet walls, hardwood floors, carpets, and will be able to remove water that has accumulated below surfaces as well. Items damaged by water will have to be taken offsite and restored. Many items may be salvageable, especially when the restoration service can get to them quickly.

The Drying Process

The last phase will be drying and dehumidifying your whole house. The drying stage requires powerful drying equipment and dehumidifiers. Water damage need not result in massive losses, as there is a practical solution at hand. Call a water damage service immediately, and you will be surprised how much you can save.

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Hiring Houston Metal Roofing Contractor for the First Time?

Here’s What You Need to Know

When you encountered problems with the metal roof of your commercial property for the first time, you should consider hiring a Houston metal roofing contractor to help you solve your problem. However, there are lots of roofing contractors and companies out there, each one of them claiming they are the best. Since your roof is one of the major components of your property and roof repair or replacement can be quietly costly (depending on the intensity of the problem), here are a few tips that will help you choose the right metal roofing contractor Houston.

Check Out Contractors With Your Business Associates

If most people you talk to about a particular metal roofing repair contractor claim that they had a positive experience with that contractor, it’s likely you would have the same kind of experience. That works the same with roofing contractors who have negative feedbacks—you have no reason to connect with them in any way.

BBB ratings

If you do not trust the recommendation and reviews of people you don’t know, you should consider checking out the company in Better Business Bureau. This website provides honest and no bias ratings depending on the performance of the enterprise.

Rusty Metal Roof

Do Your Homework

You should make sure that you do intensive research on the background of the roof repair company or roofing contractors because some roofing contractors are not honest about their services. The last thing you want to experience is knowing you have been fooled with five years warranty instead of 6 months warranty.

Written Estimates Matter

You should also make sure that you are hiring a professional roofing contractor who writes everything on paper. The estimated cost of the project, materials to use, overall costs, and your rate agreement. It should also include if there are any sub-contractors involves and if there are any charges that you should know about so that there would be no unpleasant surprises.


Post-Project Cleanup

Ask if the company also offers post-project cleanup because repairing or replacing your roof leaves a great mess behind. It is always convenient to choose a company that offers post-project clean-up. That just means that they are willing to clean any mess after they are done with their work and ensure that your home is clean before they declare their project done. It will help you avoid a lot of hassle in removing debris and dirt that comes after their work because they will eventually send a team of workers to do the job. It will make your investment worth paying every cent. Keep the tips above in mind. It will help you to choose the right roofing contractor for your house. Even if it’s your first time hiring a roofing contractor, you should make sure that your home investment will not lead to waste. It will also give you a peace of mind that your roof will last for a longer period.