Refreshing Your Bathroom

Bathroom Decorations

Bathroom decorations are a great way to update or revitalize a bathroom which is a bit out of date or boring, without having to completely redecorate or remodel. You might want to get new bathroom decorations as a one-time thing, or keep several sets of decorations and rotate them with the seasons or as you get tired of the current look. So, what kind of bathroom decorations can you use to perk up the room?

Fabric Items

There are the obvious fabric pieces like towels, shower curtains, window curtains, and the bathmat or rug, but you might also consider a curtain below a pedestal sink, lampshade covers, toilet seat and tank covers, a valance above a bath or shower alcove, wastebasket cover or liner, or curtains in glass-door cabinets. Using all of these at once, especially in a small bathroom, would be overkill, so pick and choose what works best for you.

Sink, Shower and Tub Accessories

These include things like soap dispensers and soap dishes, tissue box holders, toothbrush holders, and wastebaskets. You could change out all of these items at once for another matched set, or you could keep some of them in a solid color and just change out the others. Shower curtain rings come under this heading, too, and are an easy and cheap update.

Fixture Parts

Faucet handles can often be changed out or can have decorative panels or parts which can be changed. Light fixtures might have standard size holders which will take different shades or, different colors of the same shape shade. Even changing bulbs can make a surprising amount of difference. Covers for shower curtain rods are an easy change which makes an older rod look much classier.

Semi-Permanent Bathroom Decorations

Some decorations are a little more work to install or remove, but are not as permanent as repainting. For example, wallpaper borders come in removable types, and can be used at the ceiling, picture rail or chair rail height, or to frame a tub alcove. Self-stick tile stickers or transfers can be added to your plain tiles for a whole new look and removed when you tire of them. Painting tiles with ceramic paints, but not firing them in the oven, also results in a semi-permanent finish which can be scrubbed off with some effort.

Ornaments, Pictures, and Knick-Knacks

Finally, there is a huge range of decorative items which could be used anywhere in the house, but which can be used in the bathroom as long as they won’t be damaged by moisture. Posters and postcards, framed or not; china or glass ornaments; wicker and rattan (which do better anyway in an atmosphere which is not too dry); even a collection of rubber duckies, all look great and make a complete change in the atmosphere and feel of a room.